Mahek Specials

To celebrate the Indian cuisine, we offer you Mahek Specials – an exclusive and extensive variety of the delectable and the best food by Mahek Chaat House. mahek-chaat-post-bhature

Mahek Special
Bhel Puri $5.99
Mixture of Onions, Chickpeas in rice crisps.
Sev Puri $6.99
Panipuri, Chickpeas, Yogurt & shirni mixed in chutney.
Pani Puri (Golegape) $5.99
Round balls filled with Potatoes served with hot and sweet water.
Channa Puri $6.49
Chickpeas curry served with whole wheat flour breads.
Alu Puri $7.49
Sweet sour potatoes masala served with whole wheat flour breads.
Channa Bhatura $6.49
Chickpeas curry served with all purpose flour breads.
Alu Bhatura $7.49
Potatoes curry served with all purpose flour breads.
Alu Tikki (With Chickpeas) $5.99
2 Potatoes patties served chickpeas.
Dhai Bhalla $6.99
Ground lentil balls mixed in yogurt with Spices.
Samabar Vada $6.99
Lentil flour doughnut dipped in samber.
Idlis Sambar $7.99
Spongy steamed rice cakes served with Sambar & Chutney.
Mahek Burger $6.99
Patty of Potatoes (Alu Tikki) in Breads with Salad.
Vegetable Noodles (Indian Style) $8.99
Mixed vegetables cooked with noodles as Indian Style.
French Fries $4.99
Potatoes fried cutlets.
Plain Noodles $6.99
Plain noodles mixed in ketchup & sauses.
Paoo Bhaji $7.49
Bread served with crushed vegetables in masala.
Special Thali $14.99
Full complete plate contained with dal, sabji, channa, rice, Mango’s Raas, Papdum & Puri.